A New Generation Style Experience from RAMSEY,

Turkey’s Leading Menswear Brand



Bringing technology and fashion together in its innovative designs, the leading menswear brand RAMSEY now comes up with a new generation experience in Made to Measure. RAMSEY collaborates with world famous designers Ezra and Tuba, seeking perfection with a detail-focused, personalised style experience “Made to Measure”, blending handwork with technology dynamics.

RAMSEY launched yet another initiative bringing together its innovation and technology strength with fashion. For its special collection “Made to Measure”, leading to a personalised style experience in menswear, RAMSEY started an inspiring partnership with Ezra and Tuba, world famous designers in bringing together design and technology.

Within this partnership, a special Made to Measure collection is prepared where RAMSEY’s innovative models are shaped with Ezra and Tuba’s selection of fabrics and accessories. The Made to Measure collection called “Personalized RAMSEY by EzraTuba” together with made-to-measure services will serve the privilege of reaching perfection in personal style inspired by Ezra and Tuba’s touch.

Gürmen Group Board Member for Brands Ms. Zeynep Doğan has pointed out that RAMSEY has been leading in incorporating technology in the fashion industry from design to fabrication. Indicating that RAMSEY’s partnership with designers Ezra and Tuba inspired by technology, would add a new dimension to made-to-measure, she added, regarding the starting point for this new partnership: “Consumers no longer want to buy just the product; they want an experience, a personalised story. Personalisation and experience in economics are becoming more and more important in the fashion industry. By Made to Measure, we made a very relevant investment where we joined our innovative product development capabilities and our strong know-how, a reference in refined production”.

“We are adding a new dimension to made-to-measure”

Ms. Doğan underlined that the Ezra and Tuba partnership goes beyond brand-designer collaboration and leads to a new story of experience and continued: “A very strong and a highly inspiring partnership realised between Ezra and Tuba and our RAMSEY brand, both bringing together technology and fashion. With this partnership with Ezra and Tuba, who have been inspired by technology in their designs, we are adding a new dimension to made-to-measure, as a leading brand in the fashion industry, with focus on technology at all stages from design to production.”

Ms. Zeynep Doğan also stated that RAMSEY’s 2019-2020 Made to Measure Collection was prepared in partnership with Ezra and Tuba, and she continued: “This collection prepared with RAMSEY’s innovative models was shaped with Ezra and Tuba’s selection of fabrics and accessories. Ezra and Tuba also created a special signature for the collection. RAMSEY customers will reach perfection along with their personal choice and taste. They will even enjoy the privilege of choosing the details with Ezra and Tuba for made-to-measure designs. Thus, the DNA of menswear will change with the emergence of extremely bold combinations”.

“Targeting the Middle East and Europe”

Gürmen Group Board Member for Brands Ms. Zeynep Doğan underlined that the new generation RAMSEY Made to Measure collection blends together RAMSEY’s handwork with the advanced technology dynamics, and adds that thanks to the technology and the significant speed technology provides, the products can be delivered in only three weeks to the customers, a delivery time very close to the apparel industry. She continued: “Thanks to digitalisation, we deliver an innovative touch, speed and innovative technology at all stages, from receipt of order all the way to production. Made to Measure is a complete experience featuring 50% light Zero Weight, Thin & Taller for a taller and fit look, Performance for ease of movement with perfect dynamism blended with delicate production techniques”.

Regarding the Group’s targeted audience, Ms Zeynep Doğan stated: “Our partnership with Ezra and Tuba is not only limited to Turkey. We already started to receive orders from Middle Eastern countries like Dubai (UAE), Qatar, Iraq as well as European countries including Switzerland, UK and Germany for our collection Made to Measure. We are planning to deliver at least 50 Made to Measure designs per month on average.”

Common Ground: “Design, technology and innovation”

Regarding this new partnership, designers Ezra and Tuba Çetin stated: “We are thrilled to collaborate with RAMSEY, Turkey’s leading menswear brand with a history of 50 years, sharing a common ground in design, technology and innovation. We came together as two individual brands focusing on design in blending technology with fashion. In this partnership with RAMSEY, we have prepared a very special Made to Measure menswear collection to bring perfection to personal style, with a unique touch on the fabric and accessories in suits, jackets, tuxedos, the items that men may need to complement their style for the day and night.

RAMSEY’s Istinye Park and Zorlu Centre boutiques in Istanbul and Panora Mall boutique in Ankara can be visited to experience the brand’s Made to Measure collection. Consumers can also contact RAMSEY Made to Measure supervisors to set an appointment for this service in any location throughout Turkey.


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